BIM Excellence according to British standards

BIM Excellence according to British standards

BIM Excellence according to British standards

IBIM, one of the companies constituting the BPS Group, successfully participated in a training program organized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) being the oldest and the most respected authority in the field of standardization. This education course was held by the leading experts being the originators of the implementation of BIM technologies at the state level in Britain.

Kirill Voytyuk, the head of business development at IBIM, completed his training among 20 other specialists at the BSI Center of Excellence Laboratory in Hemel Hempstead.

BSI played a great role in course of transition to BIM technologies that made the British construction industry with regards to projects with governmental financing. The Government of Great Britain announced the corresponding program in 2016. BSI was the author of a BIM standards range that have been of great help to enterprises of the construction industry that were striving to meet the requirements of BIM Level 2.

The course participants were taught by the leading experts of BSI: Gary Pattison, who was at the origins of the BIM Level 2 requirement introduction in Great Britain, Kieran Parkinson, who is an expert in the field of the government regulation and co-operation between BSI and the British Government, Gavin Summerson, who manages the implementation and standardization processes at BSI.

The program of a 4 days’ duration covered a wide spectrum of issues concerning the use of building information modeling throughout the whole life cycle of a facility. The participants discussed the best practices of digital planning and studied the BIM standards currently in force.


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