Yacht Club

Let’s cast off and head for open water!

The modern, well-equipped piers at the Country Park Yacht Club are designed forharbouring 56 yachts and motorboats. Boats from 5 to 17 m (15 to 50 feet) lenght and with a draft up to 1.7 m can be accepted.
Summer and winter moorage, washing, dry cleaning, cleanup and many more services are provided.
Go for a stroll andorder a picnic basket!

Living in a big city, its hard to imagine that some amazingly beautiful areas are located right next to Moscow,i.e. theKlyazma, Pirogov, Pestov and Pyalov reservoirs. Have a picnic in the nature – a day spent in the scenic areas around Moscow will recharge your batteries.
Cruise the Moscow Canal!

Mariah, Sessa, Masha yachts and motorboats from the worlds leading manufacturers can be rented at Country Park Club. Choose your favorite and set out the services of a captain are included in the cost.

Yacht Club
Business hours: 10:00 - 23:00
tel.: 8 (495) 745-28-21.

The Chalet Restaurants catering service will organize evening events right on board!

If conditions permit, the chef will come aboard and prepare a luxurious lunch or dinnerright before your eyes.