Where is Country Park? It's 15 minutes from the Kremlin walls and 3 hours from Munich and Stockholm.

«Sheremetyevo» airport connects Country Park tenants with their strategic partners in Russia and abroad and is only a 15-minute drive away from the complex. You and your guests won't have to worry about getting stuck in endless traffic jams.

Order tickets and be on your way – taxis are waiting just around the corner!

19 Panfilova St., 74-75 km MKAD, Khimki 141407, Moscow Region.

You can also get to Sheremetyevo airport without taking Leningradskoe Highway!

Just follow Panfilova Street, then turn right on Yubileiny Avenue near Leningradskoe Highway. Then follow Mayakovskogo Street, Mira Avenue and Leningradsky Avenue in Khimki, pass through Starbeevo, Terekhovo and Trakhoneevo and then continue to Sheremetyevo airport.

Travel time from Country Park is 20 minutes!