Atrium Art cafe

Atrium Art café – this is the taste!

Atrium Art café is located in a cozy hall of Country Park II. The menu includes: blue plates (including standard breakfast and business lunches), desserts, freshly baked cookies, tea and flavored coffee. Once in a month, the week of national cuisines takes place at the café, when you are invited to go to a short culinary trip.

Art Café Atrium is a special place. Not only perfect cuisine is a matter, but special atmosphere also. The exposition of Vozdvizhenka Russian Gallery is its zest. The exhibition hall together with the café represent the joint creative space. The works by Evgeniy Oks, Anatoliy Malinovskiy, Tatyana Vavrzhina, Irina Makoveeva, and many other artists displayed in Country Park are also presented in private collections and galleries of many countries of the world.

Atrium Art café

Breakfast: from 8.00 to 11.00, 120roubles.
Business lunch: from 12.00M to 15.00, 210roubles
Location: Country Park 2, atrium
Working hours: Monday - Friday 8.00 – 19.00
Phone: +7 (495) 745-28-21
    • Almost everything is made at your presence, no half-prepared products
    • Freshly baked bread
    • National cuisine weeks
    • Breakfast from 8.00 till 11.00, business lunch from 12.00 till 15.00
    • Flavored coffee conversations in a special atmosphere of an art-gallery
    • Place to meet friends and to hold corporate parties and birthdays
    • NEW! Coffee, breakfasts, sandwiches to go