Season opening in Chalet

Season opening in Chalet


Season opening in Chalet

May 19th, Chalet restaurant, country residence of Simple Pleasures, has opened the summer season.

It was a bright, delicious and fun event. Underwood band who celebrated their 15th anniversary this year, became the headliner of the party.

Looking at the founders of the group, former doctors, it is sometimes difficult to hold back a smile. Vladimir Tkachenko and Maxim Kucherenko arrived to Moscow from Crimea with two huge watermelons and three-liter tin of port wine. It was there, on the promenade of Yalta and Alushta, Underwood ironic style has developed, and became beloved by the Moscow public. As noted by one critic, "Underwood" is the only value that was ceded to Ukraine by Russia after Gogol.

Today musicians work on their new songs about consumer society. Their lyrics and sound became more serious and variable, though. Bu the way, April 12th, 2011 their song “Gagarin, I used to love you” was the most quoted in blogs. Users offered to rename the Cosmonautics Day to Underwood Day.

Original light show followed by Moscow’s best go-go dancers show and Dj sets were offered for the dessert. 


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