To paint means to think

To paint means to think

To paint means to think

June 3rd,Country Park openeda personal exhibitionby IrinaMakoveevaworkingin thetechniques of etching,dry point,mezzotint,pastel,tempera.

Irina Makoveeva works present a rare combination of animalism and graphic arts. Superb etchings and original works by the artist show the actual direction of contemporary art. Contemplation is their top destination. Nature has everything, you just need to be able to see it and make it right.

"Inner mood and emotions pass through the graphics. Pencil is a slim and affordable tool, which is used by any child. Art is created not for the money. Some force compels the artist and from that he is happy "- says the artist.

Interview with Irina Makoveeva

In 2005, Irina received the title of Honored Artist of Russia. Her pictures belong to Russian (Pushkin Fine Art museum, Russian museum, Darwin museum, Timiryazev museum) and European museums, private collections and libraries. 


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