Octoberfest in Country Park

Octoberfest in Country Park


Octoberfest in Country Park

From September, 17th to October, 2nd , Country Park celebrates its Octoberfest. Welcome!

These days the representatives of major Russian and international companies have visited Octoberfest in Country Park. As noted by Markus Mayer, General Director of Bavaria Property Services International, the management company of Country Park, the festival absolutely follows the Bavarian traditions. Tents with wooden tables and long benches are installed on the embankment of Butakov Bay just like in the meadow of Teresa in Munich.

You can try real Bavarian specialties during these days: cheese Obatzter, snacks Viktualienmarkt, Nuremberg fried sausages, schnitzel Heurigen and much more. And what a festival without bretzels, traditional Bavarian pastry, served with beer.

Octoberfest is a traditional Bavarian festival, first held on October, 12th, 1810 in honor of the wedding of the future King Ludwig I and Princess Teresa. Today it became so popular that the Munich "meadows", the traditional venue, come across with difficulty to accommodate all visitors. And finding a free hotel room on these days is more complicated than finding a needle in a haymow.

Now, Octoberfest in Country Park


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