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Country Park Art Gallery

Krasilnikov, Voronkov

New names in the Country Park

An exhibition of works by two outstanding but still undiscovered artists, Georgiy Krasilnikov and Anatoliy Voronkov, has been opened in the Country Park Art Gallery on January 13.

Both artists loved the nature and were always out sketching. Georgiy Krasilnikov (1911-1996) worked on portraits, narrative paintings, landscapes, and still lives. He devoted more than thirty canvases to Sergei Esenin, whom he knew personally. Anatoliy Voronkov was a pupil of Georgiy Krasilnikov who borrowed the Impasto Painting Technique from the Impressionists. He sculpted paint more than just painting with it.

The artists’ works are still virtually unknown to the general public. "They made great demands on themselves as people and sincerely believed they were unworthy of personal exhibitions,” says Tamara Voronkova, the daughter of Georgiy Krasilnikov and widow of Anatoliy Voronkov. “I knew they were talented, but only realized how much after they died. These works should not always be kept at home. And since there is such a wonderful place in Country Park, I consider it my duty to show the world these paintings."

"The works of Krasilnikov and Voronkov were a real discovery for me,” says Zhanna Sitnik, Director of the Russian Gallery on Vozdvizhenka. Friends talked enthusiastically about them, so I expected them to be good, but I didn’t know how that good. They’re a real find for collectors.”

The exhibition is open until February 10.

The exhibits have been provided by the Russian Gallery on Vozdvizhenka.


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