Country Park Clinic

Country Park Clinic

25.04.2012 In connection with the opening of the Country Park Clinic, we are launching a redesigned website of the medical center

The redesigned website is more user friendly, attractive and informative. It sections fully reflect the specific nature of the medical center and correspond to the development strategy of this unique project. Through the web pages, visitors can learn about the clinic’s services, obtain comprehensive information about the German partners, contact the office manager and much more.

Until the clinic building opens, the patient services office will be located on the first floor of Country Park II. A new subdivision will handle all the tasks associated with preparing a patient for treatment in Germany. Among its services will be: preparation and translation of medical documentation, clinic selection, organization of video conferences with German doctors (telemedicine), obtaining of German doctors’ medical opinions and much more. The subdivision will be headed by Dr. Victoria Wilhelm, M.D.

The Country Park Clinic is a modernRussian-German medical center that offers services in traumatology, orthopedics and minimally invasivesurgery. It comprises its own polyclinic, diagnostic center, day-and-night clinic and operating rooms. The clinic is scheduled to open in early 2013. 


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