German Medicine in Country Park

German Medicine in Country Park

25.05.2012 The newly opened office of the Country Park medical center has become the official representative of several German clinics, including Charité, the largest university hospital in Europe.

The German clinic Charité joins together more than 100 specialized medical centers, which are staffed by 15,000 highly qualified employees. The clinic, which conducts treatment, research and training activities, is a recognized leader in the medical field today. Charité’s research developments have received wide acclaim and led to the use of advanced treatment methods.

The Moscow office will take charge of preparing patients for treatment in Germany, including organizing videoconferences with Berlin doctors (telemedicine).

The office of the Country Park Clinic will also represent highly specialized German trauma and orthopedic centers: Murnau, Endogap, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Schön (Munich). In the office you can make direct inquiries, without intermediaries, and discuss all the details related to treatment and trip planning.

The office is located on the first floor of Country Park II.

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