StreetFights 2013

StreetFights 2013


March 3 in Country Park was hot! StreetFights, the fifth annual youth festival of contemporary dance, organized by LiberDance, gathered not only novice fans of this art, but also stars of hip-hop, break dancing, house and other genres. Locking professionals gave a sensational performance. They were judged by LEA, one of the best dancers in Russia!

The StreetFights judges were a constellation of champions. B-BOY DRONI (breaking), DAM’EN (hip-hop), Den (popping), Alesya Drobysh (house), LEA (locking), Maksim Zaytsev (c-walk) and Stikkker (electro) professionally and impartially rated the participants. The culmination of the festival was the phenomenal show by dancers from the Tver group Check de Sound.

“We come to the StreetFights festival to socialize and share knowledge, enriching one another,” says DAM’EN (Konstantin Krasilich). Aleksandr Yakushev, CEO of the LiberDance dance clubs, thanked the management of the Country Park business center for its support in organizing the festival and expressed hope for a productive future partnership.


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