BPS at CeBIT 2013

BPS at CeBIT 2013

BPS International presented its mobile solutions at the CeBIT 2013 international trade show, which began on March 5 in Hannover. This major forum, which is dedicated to information and telecommunications technologies, concluded on March 9.

BPS International presented its mobile solutions: the Mobile Team mobile business application; the JaOffice mobile corporate network; the KinderPhone mobile application, which the best-selling English publication the Guardian included on its list of the top gadgets of the week; and many more. The company also participated in the discussion “Mobile Business Solutions.”

Integrating comprehensive mobile solutions into information technology that is used in small and medium-sized businesses is imperative today. This is a critical issue in the context of the development of information technology.

More about BPS International’s Products

Mobile Team

This innovative mobile application was created to efficiently manage business processes and is geared toward medium-sized and small companies. In particular, it makes it possible to monitor the movement of commercial vehicles and “field” workers, to supervise the fulfillment of orders and to set new tasks in real-time mode depending on location.

In terms of functionality and performance, the Mobile Team application is in no way inferior to expensive corporate solutions for medium and small business. Separate devices and bulky static interfaces are a thing of the past: the Mobile Team application starts on the smartphones and tablets that users love, and it utilizes as its interface interactive screens that are controlled by a mouse or touch.


The KinderPhone application lets parents stay close to their children at all times. After installing the program on Android, users can determine the child’s location, monitor activity on the Net and defend against unwanted contacts. Thanks to the application’s LBS base, it is easier, cheaper and safer for children to communicate with family and friends, to locate one another on a map and to indicate their statuses. For small children the application turns into a beneficial toy and interactive, educational program. The parent control panel — the “family cloud” — teaches children to intelligently use a smartphone and the Net and to understand the value of personal information.

The best-selling English publication the Guardian listed the KinderPhone application, developed by BPS International, among the best gadgets of the week.


BPS International presents its corporate social network JaOffice, which is designed for collaborative work within companies. With JaOffice, workers can quickly find colleagues’ contacts, get answers to questions, share expert information, exchange documents, coordinate the work of project groups and generate and discuss ideas. The social network is accessed through a web browser from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Statistics show that corporate social networks are much more efficient and inviting than e-mail. This means that in the near future, such solutions will become the dominant format of corporate communication, displacing the familiar modes of interaction.

Track Telematics

Track Telematics is a concept that is based on telemetric technology, which is applied in Formula 1 races. The technology was developed for distance measuring of various indicators of a motorcycle’s position by using a mobile smartphone application and the “black box” that is connected to the electronic unit of the motorcycle’s control. A Ducati motorcycle will be used for demonstration at the trade show.


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