Solo exhibition of Oleg Dmitriyevich Mykytyuk

Solo exhibition of Oleg Dmitriyevich Mykytyuk

Oleg Dmitriyevich Mykytyuk was born in 1957 in Podmoskovye in Marfino village of Mytishinskiy District. In 1976 he graduated from the Fedoskinskoye Miniature Painting College, since 1980 he has been living in our Green City. He dealt with miniature lacquer painting, stoving enamel paintings (enamelling on metal), etc., but the main field of his creative activities was and still is the easel work. “For me it is a hobby, work, and rest”, the master says himself.

Allusions and counterintuitive combinations of forms are the characteristics of the master’s paintings, which for sure will strike a deep cord in the hearts of all spectators — how often a man experiences in his heart a similar confusion of imagination and realty, we dream it but do not dare to imagine it being in reality. Perhaps someone will choose to call his works surrealistic, and partly this statement may be justified, though many of Mykytyuk’s works have nothing in common with this art movement revealing deep, ironical, and sometimes lyrical and nostalgic understanding of social realm.

Oleg Dmitriyevich possesses his artistic language to the full, that recognizable manner of painting which is easily picked out from the works of others authors. The diversity of his canvases surprises, sometimes their harmonious colour scheme is comprised of local, bright, and living colours, but at times they are monochromatic with an utterly impossible amount of tone variations and colour shades. Many of his paintings echo miniature lacquer painting with its unusual decorativeness and fanciful riot of colours. And his compositions are very interesting — the theme of a whirlpool and a spiral can be seen almost everywhere, here is the “rabbit hole” tempting with its mysteries.

The exhibition is open until March, 3.


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