BPS: BIM World

BPS: BIM World

BPS: BIM World

BPS International participates in the activities of the BIM World Munich business program
The BIM World MUNICH is THE platform in Germany and the German speaking countries for all engaged sector players. The aim of the two-day conference with an exhibition area was to demonstrate the benefits and implementation of Building Information Modeling for planning, construction and facility management. Leonid Lopatin, the founder and visionary of BPS Group, made a speech during the BIM Best Practices session on November, 29th. Mr Lopatin put the main emphasis to the practical experience of implementing informational technologies in the construction sector.

The expert talked about the revolutionary “as-designed” approach applied by BPS International in the course of Building Information Modeling. BIM technology allows to create a model of the object with constant update options. This model serves as the central source of information being a prototype of the real facility. Compared to the old-fashioned design procedure, BIM creates buildings not on the ground, but in virtual space. Formerly every developer dreamed of gathering the necessary operational documents after having built the facility (“as-build”); now designers treat existing buildings as a copy of their information models, which is called “as-designed” approach. Extra attention of Mr Lopatin’s speech was paid to the ongoing projects of BPS in Germany.

The participation of more than 80 exhibitors was the best evidence for the fact that this topic awakens huge interest in the industry sector. The BIM World Munich agenda showed that BIM had not only reached the market, but also changed the whole construction industry. "We believe that in the near future no planner and no other enterprise can do without this instrument", so Alina Yakimenko, architect and BIM expert at BPS International.

Besides the „as-designed“ procedure, introduced by BPS, some enormous interest was attracted to the experience of BPS in 4D/5D modeling, energy analysis, BIM Powered Building Automation and BIM Facility Management. Nowadays everyone talks about industry 4.0. The digital age has now reached the construction industry. BPS International demonstrated the specific possibilities and procedures that already exist. „The atmosphere at the show was great, we can be really proud of our networking activities there “, said Dimitri Kats, Lead Architect at BPS Group. Everybody looks forward to the next BIM World event, when we can check, how the market has developed.

BPS International

BPS International is a group of companies with offices in Munich and Moscow, focusing at the implementation of BIM technologies in Russia, Germany and other European countries. BPS International is one of the few project groups possessing extensive experience in creating of real estate objects – from the concept development to the facility operation. In recent years the enterprise has realized a whole range of highly qualified projects with the use of building information modeling.


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