Pyotr Bezrukov

Pyotr Bezrukov

January 1 – February 01

In complex’s art-gallery the solo exhibition of artist Pyotr Bezrukov is opened.

Pyotr Bezrukov works in the genre of outdoor etudes. “Formerly etudes were considered to be a worm-up, a training for eyes. Claude Monet made this genre more serious, but he worked for several sessions. I belong to those artists who produce pictures at a time. The most important for me is to communicate the mood, image which is associated with certain colour combination,” the artist says.

Pyotr Bezrukov was born in 1974 in Moscow. In 1991, he graduated from the Tomsky Moscow Secondary Art School at the Institute named after Surikov. In 1998, he completed his studying at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov, professor V.N. Zabelin’s studio. The works by the artist decorate many private collections in Russia and abroad.


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