Photography Month in Country Park

Photography Month in Country Park

April 19 marks the official opening in the Country Park art gallery with an exhibition by two photographers,Vasily Mordvanyuk and Mark Zhuravsky.

Vasily Mordvanyuk is a photographer of a whole epoch. His photographs became symbols of the changes in the country. The last days before the fall of the Berlin Wall or the general secretary’s high-level meetings – his lens has accessed places that were forbidden to common reporters.

“Fate introduced me to remarkable people: marshals, heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, actors, musicians, doctors, cosmonauts. Unfortunately, many of them have passed away. During the Soviet era, the intelligence service confiscated some of the films, but I was still left with an enormous collection. I take great pleasure in looking at the photos and remembering these encounters,” Vasily Mordvanyuk says.

The lens of Mark Zhuravsky, a young Khimki photographer, depicts Moscow as a large, lonely city. “Every day in a big city we see thousands of people. Each person is unique. But we neither know nor care about these people. They, like us, are hidden in the shadow of a large, lonely city,” Mark Zhuravsky says of his work.

The exhibition runs until May 10.


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