Tatyana Vavrzhina

Tatyana Vavrzhina

Country Park art-gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by Tatyana Vavrzhina from June 9 to July 9

Tatyana has worked and exhibited a lot abroad in recent years.

She has painted landscapes in Italy, Holland, Indonesia and other countries. The Vice President of Indonesia opened the first day of her exhibition in Jakarta. Vavrzhina graduated from the Irkutsk School of Arts in 1973. She lives in Moscow. She is a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia. Her paintings are kept in museums and private collections.

“Vavrzhina’s paintings have a unique quality – they stay in your memory. When I asked about this quality, Tatyana replied: ‘Everything starts with a love for nature. As soon as I feel this, I see the future work with my mind’s eye.’”

Art critic Stanislav Aydinyan

“Vavrzhina’s works only seem academic and ‘natural’ at first glance. In fact, everything is much more subtle and complex. There is another side to this realism…”

Art critic Sergey Kuskov


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