Children’s drawing exhibition

Children’s drawing exhibition

The Country Park art gallery is once again devoted to children’s creative work.

What are family, love and harmony? A child’s view on such “adult” topics has always been considered interesting, especially when these are thoughts of an artist. Children’s art is inspired by sincerity, freedom and is not constrained by limits and stereotypes. You can see it for yourself by visiting the ongoing exhibition in the Country Park.

A large Sokolovs family became the central figures of the exhibition. Lyubov and Vladimir have 10 children, three of them are adopted ones.

The elder children have already grown-up and have their own families. The younger ones, Nastya and Marina (together with granddaughter Nika), have repeatedly participated in children's drawing contests. What is more, Nastya has a great talent for music and an exceptional voice. She is engaged in vocal exercises in a music academy studio and has already appeared on big stages.

The exhibition opening shall take place next Thursday, August 16.


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