Nikita Shangin

Nikita Shangin

The exhibition of graphics by Nikita Shangin, one of the best Russian architectures, is opened in Country Park.

The chief architecture of BPS group of companies is known not by his professional achievements among which there are the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre and creation of State Centre of Modern Arts. Nikita Shangin was one of the originators of What? Where? When? game. One more interest of the famous architecture is graphics. The exhibition of his drawings you can see in the Country Park art-gallery until November 25.

“I do not consider myself to be a professional artist,” Nikita Shangin was too modest at the day of exhibition opening, “These are rather sketches, notes by the traveller. Thanks to my friends who kept these works and provided them for the exhibition.”

Few people know about one more hobby of Nikita Shangin. He sings well and plays guitar. “All of us came from bard songs. Early in life I participated in Caroussel ensemble,” Nikita Shangin remembers. “We wrote music to the rhymes of our favourite poets: Federico García Lorca, Robert Burns, Alexander Blok, Charles Baudelaire. My associate on Caroussel Sergey Derevyanko has some good songs to the rhymes by Pushkin.”

After the opening speech, Nikita Shangin sang to a guitar several songs.

Along with the drawings, you can see the exposition of architectural projects by Shangin in the Country Park art-gallery.


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