Solo exhibition of Sergey Skachkov

Solo exhibition of Sergey Skachkov

Sergey Gennadyevich Skachkov is: a member of the Artists’ Union of Moscow Region; a member of the International Artistic Fund of Russia. Sergey Gennadyevich Skachkov was born on May 9, 1959 in Rostov Region, town of Belaya Kalitva.

He has been fond of drawing since childhood and dedicated much of his time to it. In 1960 the Skachkov’s family moved to Ramenskoye, Moscow Region where he got his secondary education. As a schoolboy he took classes at Art School named after Vorovskiy. Further in 1973 he won a prize among the secondary school students at the factory competition.

S.G. Skachkov graduated from the MIST Economics Department in 1986. After that in the same year he started working at Art Studio of Gertsovskiy, an artist and icon-painter. This experience became a motive for his own creative activity. He had been studying the icon-painting and miniature lacquer painting technics at the studio for 3 years. During the afteryears he fulfilled the orders of foreign companies and individual completists. At the same time he studied the technic of icon restoration at the workshops of State Historical Museum named after Lenin.

The beginnings of his mature creative work Skachkov sees in Russian icon as a ground of all spiritual matters in art and as a symbol of perfection.

From 1989-1992 regular trips to Sweden, Stockholm are arranged by the invitation of the Manager of Art Gallery, in icon-painting and restoration. Within this period Skachkov creates a series of pieces of work for the Gallery and individual completists in Sweden and Austria.

In 1991 an icon exhibition was held at the Bar Council Building in Stockholm.

From 1995-2007 Skachkov meets various orders combining this work with architecture and design.

Since 2003 Skachkov feels like dedicating himself to watercolours painting and oil painting. His first paintings depicting the Christian Holies are in a generous and free manner painted in acryl at canvas regarding the iconography. Some of the works were purchased by an owner of a big Moscow company as a part of his private collection.

Since 2011 Skachkov has started working actively in the oil and acryl painting genre under the guidance of a famous painter, member of the All-Russian Artist’ Non-commercial Organization Artists’ Union of Russia and of the Artists’ Union of Moscow Region, A.T. Dudnik.

The new series of watercolours paintings Bulgarian Schizzos and Russian North appears after visiting these fascinating places.


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