Olympic painting

Olympic painting

On the eve of the Olympics, an exhibition of Vadim Sokolov is opened in the art-gallery of “Country Park” and is dedicated to sport.

Vadim Sokolov is the famous Russian painter, whose works of arts can’t be described as a traditional painting.
His works of arts are remarkable by the expressive style with elements of the “warped” space, unusual color solutions. These elements create a special plasticity of the work.

The favorite motives of Sokolov’s works were and still remain the urban development, rural scenery, which means much more than just houses and nature. But also sport subject has a special place in his works.

“Life is like a sport: we are running, willing to do and try to reach something, some of us bring something to the table, but the others not - says Vadim Sokolov – I am keen on sports and for the first time I draw attention to sport 30 years ago".

You can see the following works of arts in “Country Park” till March, the 1st:"Hockey goalkeeper", "Biathlon", "Backhand", "Road to Sochi" and "Railway station in Adler".

Vadim Petrovich Sokolov is born 1942 in Moscow. In 1964 he graduated the faculty of Plastic Arts at the Moscow Art School of Applied Arts. In 1968 he graduated the Higher Courses at the Central Television as an art director. Since 1973 he is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. His works can be seen in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Atrium of the office building "Country Park II».

Entrance for free.


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