Art gallery Irina Bogomolova

Art gallery Irina Bogomolova

Exhibition of panel pictures has opened in Country Park. Painting is made in batik art technique by Irina Bogomolova - a new painter from Kostroma.  

In her youth Bogomolova was diagnosed with multiocular sclerosis. This serious disease has limited her physical capacities but not her phantasy and desire to work. “Batik has attracted me by its creative latitude, and it has given me a chance for self-realization,” said Irina. “Thins art technique helps me to open my potential, and to materialize my visual images. I always proceed from colors in my creative work. Once, I wanted to experiment with red background, and this suggested to me the idea of red sky. Soon I understood that these are the sunsets in Africa! In this way the large series of pictures dedicated to Africa came into the world”.

Bogomolova has graduated from the faculty of fine arts and graphics of Nekrasov N.A. Kostroma State University in 2009.


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